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The first parachute jump in history is a little questionable. While many seem to think that an extreme sport like parachuting has its roots in recent history , has actually existed for centuries.

In 852 AD, Armand Fireman , a Muslim holy man jumped from a tower in Cordoba , skydive jump Spain. At the time, wearing a billowy , large cloak . While in theory it would have slowed and allowed to float gently to the ground ( also found this to be true ) , did little to help her jump. He hit the Earth at an alarming rate , skydive jump but survived to tell the story of the first parachute jump.

Layer , however, is not a real parachute. skydive jump Besides giving credit to Leonardo DA Vinci to create the first parachute models . DA Vinci spent years studying birds. He really believed human flight was possible. As a result, he spent a lot of time trying to create a vehicle that can help man fly . skydive jump Although DA Vinci never tried any of his ideas , he left sketches and didactic texts dealing with the first parachute jump.

Over the next hundred years , skydive jump others have tried to create the first parachute jump , but none were successful. All events are recorded. Andre Jacques Garnering in 1797 , jumped from a hot air balloon with a parachute . skydive jump It seemed to follow the drawings of Leonardo DA Vinci . The first parachute jump was a success, but had little use for the parachute. skydive jump It was considered just for show .

However, with the creation skydive jump of airplanes, vehicles parachute became more useful. By World War II , were standard issue equipment for pilots and SÃO . Today, hundreds of people make their first parachute jump every day. skydive jump Skydiving is an extreme sport became very popular. Beginners have many hours of training to complete the first parachute jump [ ] . They are trained in everything they need to know to make a safe jump, including what type of equipment is used during a jump , how to leave the plane , you will jump, how we reserve parachute if the first is not opened, and the shape of the Earth . Historically, the first parachute jump is in doubt , but thousands make their first parachute jump each year.


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